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Toilet Repair & Installation


At Bedrock Plumbing, we offer top-notch toilet installation services for both residential and commercial customers. Our professional and friendly team is trained to work efficiently while keeping you informed every step of the way. Since we are a family-run company, we cherish our customers and work hard to provide reliable, trustworthy service.

Save Water, Save Money With A New Toilet

Compared to older models, which used 3.5 gallons of water per flush, modern toilets use only 1.6 gallons. And the latest designs use even less, at just 1.28 gallons per flush. Upgrading to a water-saving toilet helps the environment and reduces your monthly utility bills.

Common Toilet Issues We Fix

Although toilet problems might be upsetting, our crew can handle any necessary repairs or replacements. The following is a list of some of the most common problems that we solve:

Clogged Drains or Sewer Lines

Your main sewer line could be blocked if you hear gurgling or see bubbles from your toilet. This can cause rising water levels in your toilet or drains, leading to expensive damage if not addressed promptly.

Toilet Flange Repair

A cracked toilet flange can lead to leaks and water damage in your bathroom. Our experts can quickly and accurately repair or replace your toilet flange to avoid costly problems.

Leaking Toilets

The yearly water waste from a leaky toilet might amount to thousands of gallons, increasing utility costs. Our team can diagnose and repair the issue to prevent further water waste and damage.

Weak Toilet Flush

If your toilet isn’t flushing correctly, there could be a buildup of minerals and debris in the rim and jet hole. We can clean and restore your toilet’s flushing power to keep it functioning correctly.

Broken Toilet Flush Flapper Valve

A faulty flapper valve can cause a continuously running toilet, wasting water and money. Our team can quickly replace the valve or identify any other issues causing the problem.

Malfunctioning Toilet Refill Valve

A damaged refill valve can also cause a constantly running toilet. Our experts can replace the valve and ensure your toilet is functioning correctly.

Worn-Out Toilet Seal

Your toilet’s wax seal at the base keeps water from dripping and harming your bathroom floor. Our team can replace the seal to keep your toilet functioning correctly.

Why Choose Bedrock Plumbing?

When you choose Bedrock Plumbing for your toilet installation and repair needs, you can trust us to provide the following:

  • No surprises: we’ll give you an accurate estimate and stick to it
  • Peace of mind: we guarantee our workmanship and use high-quality materials
  • Comfort: our team will treat you and your home with respect and professionalism
  • Property protection: we take care to protect your property and clean up after ourselves

FAQs about toilet repair and installation:

The flapper valve may be malfunctioning. Open the tank and push it down to stop the water flow.

There may be cracks or faulty seals in your toilet, causing leaks.

Most toilets are designed to fit an industry-standard rough-in, but some non-standard models may require adjustments to your bathroom or plumbing.

If you’re experiencing frequent repairs or single repair costs more than a replacement, it’s time to consider a new toilet.